Octomom & Brood Terrorize Fellow Airline Passengers

Nadya SulemanThink you've had a flight from hell? Take your worst travel nightmare, then compare it to the thought of being trapped on a plane, stuck on the runway for hours, with Nadya Suleman, aka "Octomom," and her eight screaming toddlers. I'm guessing what you've experienced before pales in comparison to that. It was the reality, however, for some passengers traveling from New York to Los Angeles last Friday.

Suleman and her gang were returning home after an appearance on the Today show, and by all accounts the eight toddlers (eight!) were out of control in their business-class seats as the plane sat delayed due to mechanical problems. Among the annoyed passengers trapped listening to the little terrors was Kristen Johnston of 3rd Rock From the Sun fame. According to TMZ, after about an hour, Johnston couldn't take it any longer and confronted Suleman.


"How would you like me to keep eight 2-year-olds quiet?" Suleman asked.

"Get more help!" Johnston shot back.

And the final verbal blow from Suleman, who later said she had no idea who Johnston was: "Why don't you grow a baby and get a life!"

Um ... what? Anyway, Kristen then reportedly stormed off the plane and never returned. No word as to how the rest of the flight went or how the other passengers survived. But here I am, once again, feeling sorry for poor Nadya.

There are few things worse than being stuck on a plane with a screaming child, but in most cases, the person who suffers the most is the mother of the screaming child. I've been that mother with just one child and felt the piercing daggers as other passengers stared me down. I can only imagine the whole experience times eight.

Sometimes, no matter how much you do, or how well behaved your children usually are, or how much help you have (she had a friend plus two older children along to help), there's just nothing you can do to calm them down and -- when stuck on a plane -- nowhere you can go.

It sucks for everyone involved, but yelling at the mother doesn't help. Johnston certainly had no obligation to help Nadya, but she didn't need to make matters worse for her either. Just like none of us needs to make matters worse by continuing to chastise Suleman for the all the kids she had -- she has them, so let's figure out how to help her figure out the best way to raise them instead of continuing to kick her when she's clearly struggling.

Do you think Kristen Johnson was out of line for chastising Nadya Suleman for her kids screaming on the airplane?

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