David Beckham Takes Best Pregnancy Portrait Ever

Victoria BeckhamIn recent years we've seen plenty of horrible, tasteless pregnancy portraits from celebrities. From Mariah Carey to Kim Zolciak of the Real Housewives, pregnant stars have given us much more than we ever wanted to see. Finally, however, we have a star whose pregnancy portraits are tasteful and worthy of emulation -- Victoria Beckham.

Right before she and her husband, David Beckham, welcomed their first daughter -- Harper Seven -- into the world, he posted this picture on his Facebook page along with this: "Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn't looking. She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!"


Amazing, indeed. I've always admired her style, but never have I seen a more beautiful picture of her than this. It's so tasteful, lovely, and serene -- just what pregnancy portraits should be. I also love that she was unaware that her picture was being taken, and he caught her in her natural and beautiful state.

I have nothing against nude pregnancy portraits if they're done tastefully; the problem is they're usually not. Beckham proves you don't have to get naked to get some lovely shots. As she recently explained to WWD:

I'm not really one of these people that likes to go out and pose and flaunt being pregnant. Not like there's anything wrong in that. I'm so proud to be pregnant and I feel so blessed and so happy, I really do. But I'm just not that kind of person. So, no, I won't be taking my clothes off. I don't think anyone needs to see that, other than my husband. Absolutely not.

Can we get a round of applause, please?

So bravo, Posh and David. Thank you for finally giving women everywhere something better to emulate other than the nude, crude, and TMI pics we've seen for too long. Ladies, if you want to do pregnancy pics, take a lesson from Vicki B.

What do you think of Victoria Beckham's pregnancy portrait?

Image via Splash News

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