Jewel Trusts Her Pregnant Body More Than Her Doctors

JewelJewel is one of the most down to earth celebrities of recent time. She came from humble beginnings and has never seemed to let fame and fortune take her off onto a course she knew wasn't right for her. So it's not surprising that in pregnancy, she's also staying true to herself and what she knows to be right, but it is refreshing.

In a recent interview with Fit Pregnancy, she talks in depth about how pregnancy has changed her body, and how she's coped with the changes as she anticipates the arrival of her baby this summer. While she sees medical doctors, she's found listening to her own body and seeking natural remedies from naturopaths have worked best for her.


For example, she talks about how she researched morning sickness and came to understand it's related to liver function. Instead of traditional remedies, she has taken supplements and herbs to ward it off. She's found others to ward off things like constipation too.

She says that she also ensures a healthy pregnancy by eating right and feels like food is medicine.

I’ve always been interested in learning about nutrition. Most of us don’t know how to eat well, but food can be medicine, it really is miraculous what our body needs to be well, but everyone is different. I’m sensitive and I have kidney problems, from being homeless and not eating well. So I think it’s really helped me in the pregnancy to already be eating well.

She says her diet is made up primarily of protein, whole grains, lots of vegetables, and juicing.

If I have a craving, it usually has been for carbs, but my diet was low in minerals, so once I increased my mineral intake, the carb cravings diminished. I was craving dairy, too, so I increased my calcium intake. I believe it really is your body responding to something it needs.

My favorite part of the interview is in the last question she responds to in which she gives other first-time moms advice:

Knowledge really is power. The more you can educate yourself, the better. Your body and your health are your responsibility. I love doctors, but I have to live with the decisions I make. Make sure you get your questions answered, and never feel that you are doubting your doctor by asking a question—a good doctor won’t feel that way, either.

I wish I had embraced more of her mindset during my first pregnancy. I listened to the doctors more than I did my body. I knew something was wrong, but let them convince me I was okay. I wasn't and ended up delivering my son at 27 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. I hope other women read her words and embrace them during their pregnancies, and I can't wait to see and hear more about Jewel's experiences as a mother after the birth of her baby.

Do you trust your body during pregnancy more than your doctor?

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