Pink's C-Section Was a 'Natural' Birth

PinkRocker Pink was one prepared mama when it came to the birth of her daughter, Willow Sage, born June 2. She had taken classes, watched videos, found midwives, and was prepared for an all natural birth, "in the way nature intended," she told People.

But like so many women with plans find, nature intended a whole different birth experience for Pink. After laboring for two days, she finally had to undergo a c-section, and baby Willow Sage arrived.


She explained to the magazine:

She was in the frank breech position, which is head up with her legs up by her head in a pike position. We tried everything to turn her around. Turns out this little girl had other plans -- she is my daughter, after all.

While it's difficult to accept such a major deviation from the birth of one's dreams, Pink has a great attitude about it. “It all turned out perfectly in the end, even though it wasn’t what we intended, because she is healthy and happy and so am I." She also said she will attempt a natural birth next time.

While it's great to hear everything turned out well, and I hope she gets to follow her plan next time, I actually hate the term natural birth, because it makes everything else seem so unnatural. And I think she did have a "natural" birth this time. Sometimes nature is dangerous without medical intervention, and the most natural thing in the world is for a mother to choose the option that is best for her baby at the time -- exactly what Pink did. 

The name she chose for her daughter is about as natural as you can get too. She explained to the magazine:

The willow is my favorite tree. I grew up near one. It’s the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it -- no wind, no elements. It can bend and withstand anything. I love that sentiment. I want that for her.

It's a beautiful name for a girl who is clearly loved and born to parents who from the beginning are putting her best interest ahead of their own desires.

Do you think a c-section can be a "natural" choice?

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