Victoria Beckham Didn't Have C-Section Baby

David and Victoria Beckham

Despite rumors that Victoria Beckham had booked a hospital room to deliver her baby girl today, looks like we will all be left hanging a little longer. Turns out it never happened, and a spokesman for Beckham said it was never expected to happen. Victoria is apparently still at least a week a way from the delivering their girl.

Don't you hate when that happens?


The rumors began swirling earlier today on Twitter and in British rags that July 4 was going to be the fourth Beckham baby's birthday. Some later reports even came out announcing the birth of the girl at 5 pounds 8 ounces with the name Felicity. Talk about overactive imaginations! Maybe it was just wishful thinking, as today is also the couple's 12th wedding anniversary.

Vic Beckham has run against the recent celebrity tradition of going with a natural birth, even delivering at home. Posh Spice chose C section as her delivery method, and received lots of criticism for it. But word has it she is going natural in one way after the baby is here -- she's going to ditch formula in favor of breastfeeding. It won't be long now ...


Image via fristkytuna/Flickr

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