Soccer Dad President Obama Confesses Sad Truth About Our Kids (VIDEO)

President ObamaPresident Barack Obama may be a soccer dad, but he's not the kind who just jumps up and down on the sidelines like a fool. He tells the truth about American kids. They really kind of suck at soccer.

Oh ho, don't shoot the messenger! Our president said it! I just happen to agree with him. Wait now, you give me a second, you might too! See, I was roped into the role of soccer mom about two years ago when my husband looked at me and pretty much said, "Hey, our daughter's playing soccer, and I'm coaching."


And that, with my deer-in-the-headlights look, is how I became "the coach's wife," sitting on the sidelines watching a gaggle of then 4-year-olds converge en masse on a little ol' ball. And so I totally get what our commander in chief and proud papa to Sasha and Malia has to say about our little athletes.

Congratulating the Colorado Rapids on winning the Major League Soccer championship, the president had the whole team in the White House when he confessed he's a soccer dad. But here's where he really made my day. Said Obama to these fine footballers, "I want to congratulate all the players ... for coming so far since those days because I'm sure your parents were thinking the same thing: that these guys can't play!" Here, watch it for yourself:

Oh come on, admit it! He's right! As coach's wife and proud mom both, I always feel guilty looking at the little ones (my daughter is now 6) hovering around that ball and thinking, "Oh my, these kids suck." I know they're little. I know it takes time to hone one's skills. But watching little kids play sports bores me to tears. To tears! I usually bring my camera along to take pictures of my kid because I want photos for the memory books, but, ahem, it's also to give me something TO DO.

So lay it out there. Our president did. Do you ever look at the kids playing sports and cringe at just how BAD they are?


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