Victoria Beckham Is No Role Model for Pregnant Women!

victoria beckhamWith your burgeoning belly, your fuller breasts, and your expanding hips, your pregnant body is beautiful, really, it is. Sure, there are those days that you feel like a semi truck, that your feet look like bread dough crammed into a Barbie heel. But that's all part of growing a strong, healthy baby inside of you, and as long as your weight gain is within reason, it will come off eventually.

Recently though, several celebs, like Victoria Beckham (who is 8 months pregnant in this photo!!) and January Jones, are sending a dangerous message with their super-slim pregnant frames: that you should try to stay skinny, even during pregnancy, despite the fact that you're growing and nourishing a little life inside of you. Call it mommyrexia or pregorexia it's the same and it's terrible. While every woman's body is different and every expectant mom is going to gain weight at a different rate, dieting and counting calories while pregnant is not only dangerous, it's straight-up stupid as well!


Of course, I'm a big proponent of eating right during pregnancy -- it's good for you, it's good for your baby. And yeah, if you're overweight or obese, you do have to watch it as best you can. But there are guidelines on how many pounds a pregnant woman should gain, not just for those who are heavier, but for those who are underweight as well. According to the Institute of Medicine, a woman of normal weight should gain between 25-35 pounds during pregnancy -- the range is even higher than that for those who are too thin.

So, here's what I have to say to the Victorias and Januarys of the world: eat something, bitches! Natalie did it, Pink did it, and look how gorgeous they were, all round and preggo. Get over your vanity for a few freakin' months and give your bodies and your babies what they need -- it's called food, and it's awesome, by the way. If you're just horrified at the idea of leaving the sauce on your plain fish, then for the love of God, at least make sure you're eating enough bland protein, celery sticks and unadorned leafy greens to gain the recommended one pound per week. Here's why it's recommended: to prevent low-birth weight and high-blood pressure in your little one. But if you won't do it for your baby's health, maybe you'll do it for his or her good looks -- apparently, children born to women who don't gain enough weight during pregnancy can often end up becoming obese adults. Their bodies are programmed to hold on to every last calorie, so they put on weight easily and have trouble losing it. How's that for irony?

Now, there are many cases where a pregnant woman is so sick from all of the baby-making hormones that she just can't seem to gain the necessary weight. In the first trimester, this is often par for the course, but you don't really need to gain more than a pound or two in those three months anyway. Unfortunately, many women find that the all-the-time sickness lasts well into the second and third trimesters -- they can't keep anything down, have little appetite, and often wind up having to get hooked up to an IV just to get the necessary nutrients. But they're not trying to stay skinny! In fact, they'd probably give anything to be able to eat a real meal!

Of course, like I said, every pregnant woman's weight gain is going to be different -- some just don't gain as much as others. But the ones who sit there counting calories and dressing-on-the-siding everything and complaining about how fat they are, even though the only curve on their body is that small baby bump? They're annoying, really annoying! And certainly, they're not the right role models for the rest of us pregnant chicks, who care more about our baby's health than we do about fitting into skinny jeans.

Do all of these pregorexic celebs annoy you too?


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