Alyssa Milano Sees Pregnancy as Proof of God

Alyssa MilanoA recent tweet seals the deal: Alyssa Milano is the most jubilant pregnant woman that's ever walked the earth. From her broccoli cravings to her wish to get knocked up again before she even gives birth, this woman loves being pregnant. Now she's even calling it a religious experience.

Via Twitter, of course (she really likes to tweet), she described her enlightenment: "I love feeling my baby move in my belly. I kind of feel like it's proof that there is a God. Beautiful!"

Oh, Alyssa.


Despite my desire to gag her gushing about her perfect pregnancy, I understand where she's coming from on this one (the broccoli, never). I think pregnancy does make many women more spiritual.

I've had plenty of friends who had previously abandoned religion, or never embraced it to begin with, seek it out once they get pregnant or try to get pregnant. Your whole life, it seems getting pregnant is way too easy, only when it comes down to actually bringing the baby into the world, you realize just what an incredible, intricate process it is. So very many things have to go right, and so many can go wrong.

While science can explain a lot, it can't assure us and give us someone or something in which to believe. Religion or some sort of spirituality can.

Though I have always been somewhat spiritual, pregnancy and children have definitely made me more so. Seeing their growing bodies on the ultrasound machine, then watching them grow into these incredible people they are today absolutely makes me a bigger believer that there is a higher power of some kind. I also find myself turning to religion more to explain the inexplicable to my children as they grow. There are just so many hard questions, and for me, a higher power provides at least a few answers. They're not answers for everyone, but I feel comforted by the thought that there is a purpose in the world, and it's not just one big mass of cells doing business.

Celebrities typically shy away from discussing religion unless it's something hot and trendy like Kabbalah, so it's nice to see her embrace her beliefs openly. They may not be for everyone, and that's fine, but for me -- and apparently for Alyssa Milano -- children give us some "proof" of our beliefs.

Did pregnancy make you more spiritual?

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