Suri Cruise's Shoe Collection Does Not Make Her 'Spoiled'

The media just loves to torture Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for their 5-year-old daughter Suri. Her clothing is too grown-up or designer, her interests too grown-up, she's drinking coffee. On and on it goes, but the fact is: Just having an extensive shoe collection (hers is said to be worth about $150,000) doesn't make a kid a spoiled brat.

As a mom, I would love to be outraged and horrified that Suri's feet are outfitted more expensively than my own. And of course, that is just her feet.
The rest of her wardrobe -- which includes a $2,140 Dolce & Gabbana trench -- is believed to have a value of $3.2 million. It may be a lot of bling, but I am still not willing to call her "spoiled," and I am not only fine with her shoe collection, I wish my daughter had it!


Now, for a couple who isn't Tom and Katie to try to keep up with them is ridiculous. They have enormous amounts of money. But for Suri, who probably loves dress-up, the clothing her mom puts her in are probably not any more exciting than something another parent buys at Target. A 5-year-old likely doesn't really know the difference.

Even if she does know designers, that doesn't mean she understands it on such a deep level that she acts bratty or superior or even understands that not everyone can afford to wear to them. Those clothes are for her, in the sense that she probably enjoys them, but if they were hand-me-downs from her cousin, she would still enjoy them.

The fact is, kids don't know the difference. My daughter has a handful of Mardi Gras beads she treats like they were David Yurman baubles. She has no way of knowing they aren't the most lovely necklaces in all the land. After all, to her they are. The amount of money a parent chooses to spend on their child's clothing and accessories doesn't automatically make them spoiled.

And the fact that Suri is often seen around town with her parents doing everything they do says something else to me as a parent: It says they love her. All of this is just their way of pampering their little girl whom they love and care for. They are good parents, it seems to me. They are involved and attentive and they let her join them for everything they do.

If that is "spoiling," then maybe we all spoil our kids.

Do you think Suri Cruise is "spoiled"?


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