How Robert Pattinson Cures Morning Sickness

robert pattinson bryce dallas howardIf only Robert Pattinson had been around when I was pregnant! (Well, I guess he was, but he was younger than I'd like to admit ... not sure if he'd even made it to the Cedric Diggory portion of his career yet.) Anyway, I'm regretting the absence of R Pattz from my gestational days because pregnant Twilight actress Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) made a shocking discovery at the MTV Movie Awards: The mere presence of Robert Pattinson was enough to cure her morning sickness! (Temporarily, at least.)


It's true, her onstage appearance alongside Pattinson and Xavier Samuel kept her "mind off the nausea," and if you've ever suffered from morning sickness in any form, you know what a miracle a moment's relief can be.

Now that I think about it, I realize that there was in fact one thing that helped to make my time spent lying queasily on the couch more tolerable, and that was (oddly) Season 1 of America's Next Top Model. Don't ask me why, perhaps it was the train wreck of personality clashes (Adrianne and Robin!) that made my own plight seem bearable by comparison, but ANTM marathons were my only source of comfort.

I bet there are other distractions out there besides Robert Pattinson and ANTM that would do the trick. If I were pregnant right now (which I'm NOT), I'd see if any of these worked for me:

  • Chelsea Lately. Rapid-fire, funny, the antithesis of sappy. Chelsea Handler would at least make me laugh at myself while I puked.
  • House. Because Hugh Laurie can cure anything.
  • Couples Therapy. Not actual couples therapy -- repeated viewings of the movie Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman. Beautiful scenery, slapstick comedy, utter mindlessness. Best line: "I wanna get a margarita made up in my face!"
  • Weeds. I might be dealing with dry heaves, but Mary Louise Parker is a mother with a lot more on her plate.
  • Sister Wives. This one would work in two different ways: First, by making me appreciate the fact that at least I'm not one of those women; second, by offering the comforting fantasy of a team of moms to take over when I wasn't feeling up to task. (Yes, those are completely contradictory concepts, but pregnancy hormones make for such crazy mood swings, you might as well have an option that covers a couple of bases.)

What celebs, movies, or TV shows help to ease your morning sickness?


Image via MTV

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