Pink Gives Birth! What We Can Learn

Break out the groovy dresses, the black tutus, and the cool headbands -- all things for a rockin' baby girl! Pink and hubby Carey Hart welcomed a daughter on Thursday, and we know she's going to be one cool little chick. Pink tweeted her fabulous news:

We are ecstatic to welcome our new beautiful healthy happy baby girl, Willow Sage Hart. She's gorgeous, just like her daddy. #beyondblessed

Willow Sage Hart -- I dig the name. Beautiful, kinda rolls off the tongue. It's cool and a little different, but not wacky. We've followed Pink's pregnancy all along here at The Stir, so it was no surprise when she tweeted the birth news -- she's been using Twitter to share pics and to give updates. She was one great pregnant celeb to follow ... and it makes me wish I had Twitter when I was pregnant.


A lot of celebs have been tweeting about their pregnancies. Alyssa Milano is an uber-tweeter (and we love it). Mariah Carey tweeted fabu updates and pics when she was pregnant with her twins. I definitely would have used Twitter to give my scoop about being pregnant, how I was feeling and all that jazz ... alas, tweeting was something only birds did back when I was pregnant with Kiddo. I would have loved to tweet Kiddo's arrival -- one tweet, 140 characters, what a great way to spread the news to friends we may not be able to call from the hospital.

Pink's little one was breech. Little Willow was already doing things her own way, I guess, and Pink had a scheduled c-section. I wonder if Pink tried the turning method that docs recommend to try and get the bambino into the right position or opted not to do it. My kiddo wasn't breech, but I had a few mommy friends who did have babes in the breech position and tried an external cephalic version. Many were successful and the babies were turned and stayed head first ... though one had hers turn back to breech the day before she went into labor, which I guess can happen.

The good news is everyone in the Hart family is healthy and happy -- which is just the way we like it! 

Congrats to Pink, Carey, and Willow!


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