Maya Rudolph Had an Unplanned Home Birth! (VIDEO)

Maya RudolphI totally take a "to each his own" stance on other people's birth plans. Home birth, hospital birth, midwife, doula, doctor -- whatever, mama, you do what works for you. But as anyone who's ever given birth at home knows, if you're going to do it, you best be prepared! Well, I guess no one really explained that to Maya Rudolph's second baby because apparently that little girl just couldn't wait to get to the hospital, as planned, and made a surprisingly speedy grand entrance at home. It was an accidental home birth! Ai yi yi!

She's pregnant with her third now, by the way. But she just spilled it on the Chelsea Handler show. Luckily, all went well, and the baby "just kind of gently glided into her father's arms." Check out the video ....


But, once again, I find myself saying, "Really? That happens?!" Now, admittedly, maybe I don't really understand as much as I should about labor (no worries, I'm getting there), but I've heard such a wide range of birth stories over the last several months, I now realize that you really just don't know how your labor and delivery is going to go.

I have a couple of friends whose labor went very quickly, their healthy babies popping out before they could even say, "Epidural, please!" Or, they didn't realize that excruciating back pain was actually labor until they were 7 centimeters dilated. My own mother-in-law barely made it to the hospital in time to deliver my husband, who came out in about 45 minutes, two weeks ahead of schedule. Of course, you hear those stories (often on the 11 o'clock news) of women giving birth on the side of the highway with the help of a state trooper, or inside a roadside diner in the middle of a snowstorm. Clearly, a lot of babies are just like, "Alright, I'm ready, let's do this thing. Out of the way, mucus plug! Hey, make some room there, pelvis!"

Still, for the most part, I feel like most birth stories I hear involve many hours of labor, with some warning that Mama better get to the hospital or call her midwife STAT. I know a lot of women who end up getting induced about a week after their due date, or have scheduled C-sections for one reason or another. And there's that friend of mine who still hasn't given birth, even though she started having productive contractions over a week ago!

Those 18-hours-of-labor birth stories seem to be more common, and I think if you're the mom-to-be and it's your baby, an anti-climactic, little-goes-wrong labor and delivery is what you want! That being said, those "barely made it to the hospital" stories still fascinate me. 

What do you think of Maya's homebirth? What is your biggest fear when it comes to delivery?

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