Baby Name Bling Like Mariah Carey, Only Cheaper Than $12K

Mariah Carey NecklaceMariah Carey raked it in for Mother's Day this year, her first celebration of the holiday as a mother. Hubby and big spender Nick Cannon gave her a necklace that boasts four carats worth of diamonds and sapphires spelling out their new twins names: Monroe and Moroccan. It's gorgeous, as it should be with a price tag of $12,000.

I love the idea of wearing your children's names around your neck, though not the idea of parting with 12 grand to do so. Fortunately, there are plenty of other great ways to proudly display your babies' names that are beautiful ... and not so heavy (seriously, who wants to heft around four carats every day?).  Here are five fabulous baby bling name necklaces:


$150: My Retro Baby

Hammered Gold I love this one (above) that mixes in some pops of color representing the baby's birth stone with the gold. It's definitely a statement piece.

baby name necklace
$160; Bliss Living

Growing Family This necklace can grow with your family, as you can add additional disks any time. While it would look lovely with just a couple children's names, a big old brood would beautiful as well.

baby name necklace
$125; Hot Mama Jewelry Designs

Nesting I love the warm emotions a nest conveys, especially with your little birds' name encircling it.

$46; Etsy
Silver Swivel  The sweet simplicity of this one is perfect for a minimalist. The fact that it can turn to display whichever name you chose to display most prominently is also fun.

baby name necklace
$48.95; Wire Name Jewelry
Baby Carriage This piece is sure elicit plenty of comments, and it will brighten up any outfit, and your day whenever you look in the mirror.

Do you wear/want jewelry that displays your children's names? If so, what are your favorite styles?

Images (from top to bottom) via Splash News, My Retro Baby, Bliss Living, Hot Mama Designs, Etsy, Wire Name Jewelry

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