How Miranda Kerr Held Orlando Bloom Hostage During Labor

Miranda Kerr and Orlando BloomOrlando Bloom may be too good to be true. While his wife, Miranda Kerr, was in labor for 27 hours, he didn't leave her side -- not even once. Not to go grab a bite to eat, or get some air, or even to use the restroom. So in addition to being dashingly handsome and an amazing actor and husband, the man has a superhuman bladder too?

Not exactly ...

Kerr told Conan O'Brien last night that she wouldn't let him leave AT ALL during baby Flynn's 27-hour natural birth, so he had to find an alternative method.

I wouldn't even let him leave during it. He had to pee in a bottle. He stayed there the whole time, he is a wonderful father and I am really blessed.

Wow. I understand wanting your partner to experience your child's entire birth with you, but that's pretty extreme ... and kind of icky.


Of course, labor is pretty extreme too (and a little icky as well, if we're being honest), so if that's the worst a guy has to endure in the whole process, then I guess he's getting off pretty good. In fact, maybe labor and delivery rooms should start stocking some empty bottles.

Would you make your partner pee in a bottle so you didn't have to be alone at all during labor?

Image via Vivianista1/Flickr

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