Tina Fey Makes Natural Childbirth Funny? Or Does She? (VIDEO)

SNL Tina Fey
SNL "Birthing Class" skit with Tina Fey
I was pretty excited when pregnant Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph and the rest of the gang at Saturday Night Live chose to do a skit that poked fun at natural childbirth and homebirth this weekend. Because let's face it -- natural childbirth and many other aspects of natural parenting are full of good comedy, whether we like it or not. So I was excited to see two smart, funny women take a stab at its parody.

Oh come on, loosen your baby swaddles and busy those babies with some breastfeeding on demand (like you weren't already) and see if SNL can get you to laugh with their "Birthing Class" skit.


WATCH the SNL "Birthing Class" Skit:

So what'd you think? Did you laugh?

I have to admit I LOL'd several times at the wimpy, aptly naive childbirthing class but mostly at Maya Rudolph's laboring Laylani with her facial expressions, breath exchanges with Victor, and the moan tones meant to relax and open the cervix. Believe me, I've seen enough childbirth videos to know how hilariously close her impersonations were. Haven't you?

Later in the skit, while at first I winced uncomfortably at the joke that was Laylani's giant overgrown bush, I had to laugh. Today's women tend to be seriously OCD pubic hair pruners if they even have pubic hair at all, so they must be somewhat horrified at the sight of real live pubic hair at its bushiest. That was a really funny inside joke for women, especially those of us women who remember pubic hair in its heyday. My discomfort came when I thought about all the men who were watching. I don't like to think about how some men might translate the bush humor.

The fact that the entire class gets grossed out and turned off is probably the most bothersome. Of course, it's no joke that we, as a society, are notoriously bad at informing and teaching women about natural parenting ideals and alternatives without them seeming totally hippie dippie and weird. We seem to pick the kookiest teachers and the wackiest videos that could freak out even the most open-minded parents-to-be. It's true, and it can be pretty funny (of course, it's equally not funny because it's true). In the skit, though, I'd loved to have seen at least one mom-to-be get totally on board with natural childbirth after seeing the video. Because there's always one in every class who does. Haha.

What's your reaction to this skit that makes fun of natural childbirth?


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