Tina Fey Is Crazy, Demanding Pregnant Woman on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

Tina FeyIt's official, Moms. The newest guilty pleasure for parents is now a pop culture reference. Pregnant in Heels and its star, maternity concierge Rosie Pope, have been immortalized by Saturday Night Live in a spoof featuring none other than uber-mama Tina Fey. Prepare to be duly ashamed at what America thinks of us.

Meant to poke fun at the ridiculous requests that come from Manhattan's rich moms-to-be, the folks at SNL cast Fey as Shoshanna Bunt, a public relations guru who does PR for PR firms. Fey is hilarious. That's pretty much a given (and yes, I'm gushing ... she's Tina frickin' Fey folks!). Take a look:



Admonishing the doctor not to cut the cord, lest she want to RETURN her son? OMG, Fey got the insanity of some of the moms thus far featured on Pregnant in Heels (hello, hiring a focus group to NAME OUR BABY couple, we're looking at YOU). And I literally snorted when she freaked out about having uggos in the delivery room. For me, it was a desire to keep out the pretties -- because I didn't need anyone looking good when I looked like a hot mess of sweat and bloodshot eyes.

Sadly, I think I know women like this. In fact, I KNOW I know women who would bathe in Diet Coke ... albeit not while giving birth.

Speaking as a bit of a fangurl here, I've got to say I wish they'd stopped there. Rosie Pope's clients are nutso cuckoo, but she seems pretty good at derailing the train before it gets all the way to crazytown. It plays a lot funnier with a Pope who's complicit in her clients craziness, but this skit just reminds us WHY PIH is a guilty pleasure. Admitting we watch this thing is like admitting we let the kids eat gummy bears as their "fruit" at breakfast time. It happens, but you're more likely to hear a Harry Potter character say the words "Lord Voldemort" than we are to admit it.

What did you think of the skit? Hilarious or a tad bit too close to home for the hormonal?


Image via NBC

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