Can 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Stop Teen Sex?

Just in time for Mother's Day, MTV has released a PSA they hope will stop teens from having sex and thus, stop auditioning for Teen Mom spin-offs. You have to give MTV some props for honesty. Unlike Bristol Palin, the teen mom who preaches abstinence while, um, not abstaining, these teen moms are at least honest. Sex happens.

Farrah Abraham urges kids to cuddle and says it is better than sex. Maci Bookout says nothing about "cuddling," she just mentions protection and Amber Portwood says she wished she had "just relaxed." Now, I am not sure what relaxing and cuddling have to do with sex. And also, I am not sure what kind of terrible sex Farrah was having that would make her think cuddling was better. But either way, one clear message here is that teens are going to be physical with one another. It is part of growing up.

They need to protect themselves. Here is the PSA:


It is short and to the point. Hopefully the PSA will work in conjunction with what teens see on the program and stop them from making stupid mistakes when they have sex.

In many ways, there is no better person to tell you how not to make mistakes than someone who has made the mistake themselves. But talking down to kids and setting up the unrealistic expectation that they might totally abstain or not even touch in the first place is not the way to do it.

Meet kids on their level, on the shows they watch and tell them how you might have done things differently. That seems to have the best shot at working.

Do you think this PSA could work?


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