Carla Bruni Pregnancy Rumors Are a Reminder For Moms to Be

carla bruni pregnantI am putting it out there. The First Lady of France is hot. So is our first lady -- Michele Obama is one gorgeous woman. But, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, former model, is really hot. What is she not so hot at: answering the questions about if she's pregnant or not. Rumors have been swirling lately if the 43-year-old mom of one boy -- and step-mom to three kids -- is pregnant again. When asked if she was pregnant, she doesn't do a whole lot to answer the question:

If you'll allow me, I'd rather not answer these family questions. But on this subject, in some ways my lips are sealed. Not through arrogance or because I like keeping secrets. My lips are sealed to protect something and to protect all the work (my husband) does. I would really like to talk about it, but then it would take over everything else.

Umm, yeah, okay, that answer will only fuel the rumors, Ms. Bruni-Sarkozy. But we can all learn from this...



When you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant or peeing on those sticks and are in that waiting period, maneuvering everyday situations is tough. Normally, most women don't tell before the first trimester, which is understandable for many reasons. But let's say you are covering up your morning sickness -- what do you tell inquiring folks if they see you get sick? That you have the stomach flu?

When you aren't sick, but let's say you are tired or going for a function where there may be alcohol, what do you do? Plead the whole "I'm on antibiotics" thing? Just avoid going out til you can tell people.

Now. I'm not an advocate of lying, but what you don't say is "I'm just not going to tell you," which is basically what the first lady of France did. Not that I blame her, but c'mon, you know that just leads to more rumors or whispers or people asking more and more questions. A lesson for every mom-to-be out there ... just talk about the weather.

When did you tell people you were pregnant?


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