Kevin James Gives Baby Boy Explosive Name

kevin jamesIt's that time of year -- celeb babies are gonna start popping out every other day. Mariah Carey, Natalie Portman, and the newly engaged Kate Hudson are all due soon, mere weeks away, then Alyssa Milano will give birth in the fall. Just to name a few. Jane Krakowski has kicked off the baby birth brigade with the birth of her son Bennett. Now funnyman Kevin James and his wife Steffiana de la Cruz followed with the announcement they welcomed a baby boy on April 24.

The third child (but first son!) born to the King of Queens star was given the name Kannon Valentine James.

Hmmmm, Kannon? A not common, but not totally wacko name. I think I like it. I definitely am diggin' the meanings and family traditions behind it ...


I love it when parents -- celeb parents or one of us regular Joes and Janes, doesn't matter -- honor family traditions and bring something new to the baby name universe. Kannon is Japanese, a variation of Kuan-yin, which just so happens to be the name of the Buddhist deity of mercy. Hel-lo, cool little man. I love it.

Now for Valentine ... some may remember that was Kevin's character's last name in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, but that's not why he gave his son that middle name. Valentine is a family name; it was his late father's middle name. Again, so cool!

Okay, yeah, I get a little giddy when talking baby names, but with so many just plain odd ones out there, it is so refreshing to hear a great baby name and the reasoning behind it. With so many celeb babies on the way, I am really jonesing to find out what Mariah, Natalie, Kate, and, of course, Alyssa will be naming their new bundles of joy. What am I going to do while I wait? I guess I'll have to watch the Royal Wedding ...

Congrats to the whole James family!


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