Nicolas Cage: Now Child Abuse Charges!

Nicolas Cage Kal-El
Nicolas Cage with son Kal-El
Oh, Nicolas Cage, please get some help. Things seem to be getting awfully out of control in his life. With recent domestic abuse charges and obvious alcohol dependency issues, he's like Charlie Sheen but homeless and without his own lingo. And now, Cage can add child abuse to his rap sheet.

To be clear, the child abuse charges are alleged and sound more like child endangerment than abuse if true. However, I think we can reasonably assume that behavior occurring in private is MUCH worse out of the public eye, and that Nic Cage may be in serious trouble.


Who knows which came first with Nicolas Cage -- his drinking problem or his money problems? His drinking problem or his marriage problems. His drinking problem or his harming, possibly accidentally, his own son. Hmm, there is a common denominator here though.

According to TMZ, Nic's wife Alice told police Nic fell that night, while drunk and holding his son, which caused the son Kal-El to get a minor abrasion on his knee. Indeed, this is child endangerment, not to mention poor judgment, but not necessarily child abuse.

A witness to the recent drunken brawl between Cage and his wife Alice, however, claims to have seen Nicolas Cage pull his 5-year-old son to the ground during the domestic spat, for which he was arrested for disturbing the peace and pulling harshly on his wife's arm. This behavior sounds much more like abuse brought on by rage.

In either case, a child abuse detective is on the case now, and Nicolas Cage and wife Alice need to get help and get help now. For Kal-El's sake.

What do you make of these charges against Nicolas Cage?


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