Mariah Carey Needs to Keep Her Maternity Clothes On

Mariah Carey easter egg belly pregnantWe know you're pregnant, Mariah Carey. We get it. We got it as soon as you and your hubs Nick Cannon announced your twin pregnancy to the world. You also made it really clear when you shared the painted butterfly on your baby bump and again when you showed up on nude on Life & Style and yet again when you made your poor husband pose in those seriously awkward nude family photos for OK! magazine.

But oh, lest we forget, you showed us your painted Easter Egg belly over the weekend.

We don't need anymore proof!


Don't get me wrong, Mariah. I am totally stoked for you and Nick. So excited to "meet" the Carey-Cannon twins when they arrive. And your belly is bee-EWW-tiful. It's nothing against your belly at all. Pregnant bellies are always lovely.

However, I just don't need to see anymore photos of your belly. It's starting to feel like I'm seeing way too many of your intimate moments. That's what scrapbooking is for and family-only Facebook groups. I mean, I get that you're a star and all, and you've probably forgotten what privacy is, but with two new babies coming in your life, you're going to find yourself wanting a little more of the privacy stuff. For yourself and for your babes. Give it a whirl, huh? Keep the clothes on (or the camera put away at least), okay? You don't have much longer to go.

Am I the only one who's done with Mariah Carey's belly shots?


Image via yfrog

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