Alyssa Milano Is the Coolest Pregnant Mom Ever (VIDEO)

alyssa milanoI admit it. I've written about Alyssa Milano. Many times. I documented her pregnancy announcement. I wrote about how she's picking her baby names. Could I have a girl crush? Maybe, possibly, it’s been known to happen. Why Alyssa? She's that girlfriend. The one you want to have, the one who gets it. She keeps it real and is honest and, dang, she's just cool.

So, Alyssa is due this fall -- she and hubby David Bugliari are having a boy and has tweeted about it all along. Lately, she’s been in the news, running into Selma Blair and comparing bumps, talking about acting while pregnant, and, of course, singing the praises of all things Twitter.

When I was preggers, I could barely get through a day of 9-to-5 regular work, barely washing my face before I collapsed. Twitter wasn't even around yet, so I merely surfed the web and vegged. How she does it all, I have no idea.


Like a lot of celeb moms -- and Regular Joe moms -- she’s been working through her pregnancy and says her growing tummy has made her “less conscious” as an actor, she can’t “suck it in,” and she has to rely on her “sparkling personality” … and her boobs.

See what I mean. She’s refreshingly cool about it -- even though a big part of her job as an actress is dependent on how she looks. Is she worried? Nope, our gal Alyssa is just making it work, going along, growing that baby, and being her awesome self.

Alyssa also recently posted a pic of her baby bump -- on her Twitter account. She uses Twitter to highlight charities, giving awareness to good causes, and, yes, she tweets fun random stuff, like we all do. She’s one of the best celebs to follow on Twitter … and I’m not just saying this because of my girl crush (and, yeah, I follow her). Piers Morgan (I follow him too) had her on his CNN show to talk about the impact of Twitter, where she was poised, smart, and witty.

See what I mean? Cool with a capital C. 

What celebs do you follow on Twitter?


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