What Does a Pregnant Emily Deschanel Mean for ‘Bones’?

emily deschanel baby bonesAny other Bones fans out there? Are you just ga-ga over the news that Bones is pregnant? Okay, sorry, Bones isn't pregnant ... Emily Deschanel is pregnant. I know, I know, I have a hard time making that distinction sometimes.

Emily is expecting her first baby -- the actress and real life hubby David Hornsby will be welcoming their new bundle later this year. Which is great. And lovely. And joyous.

But die-hard fans (yes, I am one of them) want to know: how will this affect my TV show?


When an actress on a TV show gets pregnant, the directors, producers, and writers have to decide: will it be a part of the storyline in the show or will they try to "hide it" ... and we all just kinda go along with that, not questioning why she seems to be carrying purses that could carry a small elephant and hanging around behind counters and couches a lot.

For a show like Bones, it would be tough to hide it. Emily's character is often out and about, examining dead bodies and looking for evidence in a jumpsuit (which doesn't allow for much blouse effect to disguise a baby bump). She is chasing after bad guys -- not usually while toting a purse.

This makes us fans think -- and dare to hope -- that the Powers That Be will work the baby into the storyline. The "will they, won't they" relationship between Bones and Booth (played by the dreamy David Boreanaz, yes, Angel himself) has been a cornerstone of the series. They have more than hinted at the two getting together, they outwardly discuss it on the show. Emily's character has said she wants a baby. C'mon, people, fate is helping here!

Me? I think they should work the baby into the show. Maybe Bones and Booth have sex, a one-night stand kind of thing that results in the pregnancy. The baby will make them get over the fear of taking that next step and finally, they'll get together. Yes. That's what I want to see. Please? Pretty please?! Anyone listening?

Do you watch Bones? Do you want Bones and Booth to get together?


Image via RavenU/Flickr

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