Denise Richards Custody Bid: Saintly or Sanctimonious?

Denise Richards has taken an enormous amount of flak over the years both from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen and from the media in general. Still, there is no doubt that of everyone in the Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen "family," Richards comes out looking the best, which is probably why she is now trying to get custody of the twin boys Sheen shares with Mueller.

The toddlers had been in their mother's custody since Sheen went insane last month (actually, it was likely he was always crazy), lost his job, and started appearing almost maniacal in public interviews, but their mother has recently relapsed back into drugs and their father is on the road with his stage show.

Sheen is considering her offer, but Richards has reportedly gone as far as getting her lawyers to start to do the work. Good on her!


She is undoubtedly the only one of the three adults in the situation who has the capacity to care for all four of the very young children Sheen still has (an older daughter is already grown). And they aren't her own children, so this makes her seem almost saintly.

It's hard to imagine being in that situation and certainly my heart breaks for the 2-year-old boys who need their mommy and their daddy right now, but there is really no one else who could take them? No grandparents? No aunts or uncles?

Sweet as it seems on the surface, she is the ex-wife Mueller publicly scorned and scoffed at. Even at her lowest points, I really doubt she would be Mueller's first choice for a person to take her kids. In many ways, it's actually not even Richards' business. She is caring for the two children she has, why try to take on two more when Mueller surely wouldn't want it to be that way?

If Mueller is OK with it, then more power to her and I choose to believe this is a loving move, not a "haha you are so effed up, I will take the kids and publicly show how gracious I am" kind of move.

But one still has to wonder.

Do you think this is a kind move or a sanctimonious one?


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