Jamie Oliver Might Revolutionize LA Schools After All

After Jamie Oliver got a highly publicized rejection notice from Los Angeles schools last year, saying he and his Food Revolution cameras weren't welcome in the faces of their increasingly chubby kids, I figured the Naked Chef and LA were over-and-done-with, and he'd go find some consolation prize like Bakersfield for his second season. 

But Oliver, a stalker after my own heart, does not easily say no, and the whole show so far has been all about trying, repeatedly, to get into LA's schools' hearts and stomachs. Well, the stalking combined with some new blood at the top of the LA school district just may have worked.


The Los Angeles Times reported that John Deasy, the new superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, said: “I am looking forward to meeting with Jamie Oliver to find out how we could mutually work together to benefit the children of Los Angeles."

I'm counting this as mostly good news. Just for entertainment's sake, it would be a great ending to a good show. And I love Jamie Oliver. We've got nearly identical food philosophy and taste, he's probably in my top 10 men I'd make out with if forced to choose one -- especially if he made me a nice curry first -- and he has almost single-handedly forced me to back away from my stance that all men named Jamie are complete douches (along with a little help from Jamie Bamber).

And since he's going to harangue and harass LA schools anyway, and make them look like they're stonewalling and afraid, they might as well play ball and at least have some control over how they come across. Plus I was anxious to see someone showing the other side of the LA cliche. Despite the image this place has -- everything natural except the blonde hair and boobs -- there are all kinds of people, for better (diversity!) or worse (obesity!).

But as a father with a daughter in an LAUSD Elementary School, I wouldn't want those cameras in my kid's face, and don't blame the school for their initial rejection. My 7-year-old, however, would probably love it at first -- she's into stardom as much as any of the thousands of young wannabe starlets that walk the streets, I mean drive the streets, of our hometown. But then the cameras might catch her tossing or swapping the broccoli I packed her, or spending her allowance on chocolate milk. Actually, that could be useful for me.

What do you think of Jamie Oliver and his Food Revolution?


Image via reallyshort/Flickr

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