Mariah Carey Doesn't Believe in Maternity Leave

mariah carey x factorShe has been one busy pregnant lady, that Mariah Carey. Despite carrying twins in that beautiful (and sometimes bedazzled) belly of hers, Mariah has not slowed down one bit. Sure, she's been getting her nursery ready and had a few pregnancy scares, but she still managed to keep working, posing for magazines and selling her fashion line on TV. And if reports are right, Mariah will be working right after the birth ... with none other than Simon Cowell

The new mama Mariah will be involved with the former American Idol judge's new show The X Factor, which starts in September. That's mere months after her babies are due to be born.

So, no maternity leave? After carrying twins? Dang, that is impressive. Post-baby plans are all well and good, but what if she isn't ready to go back to work?


Simon Cowell seems to have ingested an excitement pill of some sort, because he is rather, dare I say, gushy with the thought of working with the mama-to-be when he explains Mariah will be a part of the show somehow.

I think Mariah will have a role on the TV live shows ... I met her recently and she was on great form. And her idea was to be the judge of the judges, which only Mariah could come up with. She'll be involved in some form. I literally adore her. I love her to bits.

I know Mariah can't wait to have those babies in this world ... and also get back to her other life passion of singing. I give her kudos for planning ahead, getting something lined up for post-baby life. But, as we all know, plans change. You just don't know how life is going to be after Nick Jr. and Mariah Jr. arrive. They may be great sleepers, they may be sucky sleepers, you may have one of each. One may be on a totally different schedule than the other. They could think night is day and day is night.

Logistics aside, you don't know how you are going to feel after they arrive. You may be ready to head back to work on Day 5 or the idea of being away from them could literally bring you to tears. Who knows ... that's lesson number two of motherhood: plans will change. Always.

Did work plans you made while pregnant change after your baby was born?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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