Jennifer Lopez Struggles to Have Hot Mom Body

jennifer lopezYou were pregnant, then you had a baby, and now that kiddo is a toddler. So much has changed -- no more diapers, she's eating solid foods, heck, she's adding 2 plus 2. Sososososo much has changed ... including your body. The nice thing is that it happens to everyone, yes, everyone. Even those celebs we see looking fabulous mere weeks after giving birth ... okay, maybe not all of them, but many. Even Jennifer Lopez admits her post-baby body is tough to keep in shape.

Our gorgeous Jenny from the block -- just named the most beautiful woman in the world by People -- says that workouts are tough after giving birth to her twins. Well, um, duh. Face it, being pregnant kinda screws up your body.


Pop diva-actress-American Idol judge says that she has to work harder to stay fit and look good:

But since I had the babies, it’s been harder. Your body does change. Not too drastically, but I definitely have to work harder and watch what I eat more ... I’ve never had to work on my stomach before -- it was like, concave, I was a lucky person -- but since the babies, I do. I really have to work on it.

I adore Jennifer Lopez and now I know why: she's just like us! Sure the whole tummy thing is a universal woe, but I want to know if she has all of the other wonked-out body stuff -- like permanent back issues from carrying that much of a front-load. Who else finds themselves with sore necks and twingey backs after breastfeeding? Yeah, me too. And let's not even talk about our new hip size.

Not like we wouldn't change any of that, not that we wouldn't do what we had to do to have a safe and healthy baby, inside and outside the womb. But man, getting used to the post-preggers body is no fun.

How did pregnancy change your body? 


Image via stevebott/Flickr

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