Kate Hudson Says '420' Just Like Pregnancy

kate hudsonPeople have described pregnancy many ways -- some say it's like being an incubator, some say it's as if you have an alien creature that has taken over your body, others say it's pure bliss. We've all heard pregnant moms feel like beached whales. Kate Hudson added a new description to that list recently. The actress, out promoting her new movie Something Borrowed, told an interviewer for Extra being pregnant is like being stoned.

Being pregnant is wonderful. You do get the pregnant mush-brain ... you know what it's like? It's like getting stoned.

So, pregnancy is like smoking the "420" ... anyone else humming "Pass the Dutchie"?


The old preggers mush-brain. I had it. I have it. The preggers mush-brain morphs into mommy brain, where you can't remember anything because you're trying to remember everything on little or no sleep. There are so many new feelings that come with being pregnant, this mush-brain is just one byproduct of many over the course of 40 weeks.

I love Kate Hudson. She's funny, she's smart ... and she's brutally honest. She makes no apologies for how she lives her life and is confident in her choices (even drinking a bit of vino while pregnant). Don't worry, everyone, she's not smoking weed now, she's smoked it in the past and is making a comparison. Cool. Fine. Whatevs.

I am kind of surprised no one has made that stoned analogy before. Personally, I think being pregnant feels more like someone has a strange remote control that works on only you, your body, your feelings. That there's some outside force that makes you cry every other hour, makes you feel like you have to pee every 5 minutes, creates the urge to paint rooms and buy stuffed animals.

What did being pregnant make you feel like?

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