Pregnant Jessica Alba Says Motherhood Is Liberating

jessica albaWhen you are pregnant, everything changes -- not just your belly, boobs, and hair. Emotionally, you're making stretch marks too. You've got a new role with the title of Mama, and everything in your world shifts. Jessica Alba discussed the tectonic motherhood self-shift with Vogue magazine not long ago.

The actress is mommy to daughter Honor and now pregnant with Baby Number 2. Jessica says that becoming a mom made her "feel liberated," less concerned with how she looks, and taught her "to adapt to any situation."

Okay, I'll go there. I'll agree with the gorgeous star of the Fantastic Four movies ... but it also swings the other way too. I call it The Motherhood First Law of Reality.


I get the whole "I am Mother, hear me roar" feeling sometimes. Especially when I conquer my own fears doing something for Kiddo (playing in sand at public playgrounds comes to mind -- who knows what we may unearth!). And I do feel like I am a stronger, better "me" now that I am a mom ... most of the time anyway.

I have had this discussion with SAHMs, WOHMs, WAHMs, and every other mom there is. There is a universal theorem about mommyhood. Kind of like Newton's Third Law: to every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The Motherhood First Law of Reality: you will feel like supermom one minute, but, in the next instant, you feel like a complete failure.

Example of this law at work: take a random morning. You have Kiddo ready to go to school. There have been no hair battles, and breakfast was eaten with a smile. You have chosen the proper weight jacket, and the due-today library book is in the backpack. Everyone is ready. You are on time -- wait! You are ahead of time by three minutes! Your supermom cape is unfurling, beginning to wave behind you.

And then it happens. You cannot find your keys. They are not in your purse, not in your pockets, not on the key hook by the door. You search and search and Kiddo starts to get distracted with her block house she's built for her 144 stuffed cats. You finally find them (in the bathroom) ... and now you are late and rushing and need to count to 3 for Kiddo to stop playing with Meow-Meow and Catty.

Yes, Motherhood First Law of Reality, people: supermom one minute, failure the next.

Has motherhood liberated you? In what way?


Image via BobbyProm/Flickr

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