'Pirates of the Caribbean' 4: In Which Pregnant Penelope Cruz Pees in the Ocean

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Have you seen the trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides? It looks awesome! It actually kind of amazes me that I could get excited about a movie that has the number "4" after it, but those movies are just so damn good. Maybe it's because the eponymous Disney ride will always hold a special place in my heart (my dad and I went on it five times in a row!). Or maybe it's just because Johnny Depp is endlessly hilarious as Captain Jack Sparrow (and endlessly smokin' hot). Whatever the reason, I'm pumped.

I'm also excited to get my Penelope Cruz on in the movie. My love for her borders on the unhealthy. To me, there is no one more beautiful, or charming, or fascinating to watch on screen. I could listen to her talk with her little accent for days -- so cute. And I think I just fell in love with her a little more, because not only did she film her bad ass role in the movie while pregnant, she peed in the ocean in front of Johnny Depp. Often.


First of all, I love a woman who is actually willing to admit she peed in the ocean -- aka, nature's toilet. But to do it in front of His Deppness? Wow, I don't think even uncouth me would be able to do that. Penny has an excuse, though, as she was preggers. And there was nary a toilet in sight.

See, during one of the scenes, Johnny and Penelope were on a deserted island (how sexy must that island have been!). And while Penelope promises that all the dudes (Rob Marshall, Jerry Bruckheimer, Johnny) catered to her every need, they forgot one small thing for her -- a bathroom. So, she had to do what any pregnant woman would do. Go in the water. She told Entertainment Weekly:

Rob and Johnny [Depp] and Jerry Bruckheimer all really took care of me and made all the changes that were necessary to have total safety. But they left Johnny and I on a deserted island with no bathrooms to do a helicopter shot. That for a pregnant woman can be a little bit of a problem. So for those few hours I had to keep going into the water every 15 minutes. That was one of those things that you remember forever.

I mean, how cool is she?! Not only did she spend five months of her pregnancy throwing knives and dodging bullets, she is secure enough in herself to urinate in front of the sexiest man alive. Loves it.

I realize that she did what most pregnant women would do in that situation, but to announce it like that? I think that "I don't give a crap attitude" is pretty cool. If it were me, and I were in front of Johnny Depp, I would probably be all, "I'm sorry, I think I hear my phone ringing. I'm waiting for an important call," and duck into the trees or something. 

Guess that's why Penelope's Penelope and I'm me. Because, let's be honest, that's really the only way we differ.

What do you think of Penelope Cruz peeing in the ocean? Are you excited for Pirates 4?


Image via SPakhrin/Flickr

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