More Nude Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Pictures (Please Stop!)

Nick Cannon and Mariah CareyLast week Nick Cannon expressed his regret for some nude pregnancy portraits he and his wife, Mariah Carey, had taken. Those were just hanging about their house, which was problematic enough, but now new nude pics of the couple are splashed all over the British version of OK! magazine.

Look at that cover, and tell me that's okay. Maybe I'm a prude, but his hands on her breasts -- pregnant or not -- that's just not grocery store checkout-line appropriate. If you want to do Playboy like that, fine, but this is too much and just so ... tacky. I'm not the biggest Mariah fan, but I would expect more from her than this.


We all know how you made the baby, so there's no need to show us. Mariah looks gorgeous, but the butterfly belly would have been plenty, really. But she had to go and give us even more with her nude picture on the cover of Life & Style. And now this. Seems like pregnancy is turning her and Nick into a couple of exhibitionists.

And why? WHY? It's not like she needs the money or any more publicity, since she can sneeze and get a headline. If they really just wanted to document this magical time, fine, but why over-share it with the world like this? You know those twins are going to die of embarrassment because of these pictures someday.

The real worry here, though, is the one I stated when I heard about the couple's first set of nude pictures -- people everywhere are going to hop on this trend. Be warned, because you're likely going to start seeing baby shower announcements with tacky porno-like pictures such as these coming to your mailbox soon.

Let's just hope the next pictures we see of Carey and Cannon are of them holding their new, beautiful twin babies (due any day!), and that they're all fully clothed!

What do you think of the latest nude pictures of Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey?


Image via OK!

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