Jamie Oliver 'Food Revolution': My 2nd Grader's Recap

Food RevolutionWe're big Jamie Oliver fans in our household, so we were looking forward to watching the new second season of Food Revolution, which begins with Jamie trying to bring his healthy eating campaign into the Los Angeles schools. Our 8-year-old second grader was also excited to watch -- but mostly, I think, because he wanted to stay up past his bedtime.

I was curious, though, about what sort of impact the show and Jamie's approach would have on my son too, so I decided to let him do the recap of the show.


Here's the play by play of the first episode of Season 2, as recapped between commercials by my second grader. I think you'll learn everything you need to know about the show right here.

Act 1: They had donuts and stuff and they had plastic on them. That's how my school is kind of. My school does have lots of plastic food.

The takeaway: Parents don't let your babies grow up and eat junk food.

Act 2: Meat is not good. It has chemicals in it. They put ammonia in it. I don't want a hamburger!

The takeaway: Don't eat stuff that's made out of pink slime.

Act 3: He went to the place. He waited. He spoke.

The takeaway: He still doesn't get to go to any schools.

Act 4: Jamie went to the fast food place, and he was saying, "What's in the burgers? What's in the shakes? Where do you get the food from? Could you take something off the menu?"

The takeaway: The guy is mad because he doesn't want to take stuff off his menu.

Act 5: Jamie Oliver made a hamburger. This [customer] tried both of them, and he liked the one from Jamie Oliver better than the one from the shop. Jamie made a milkshake with fruit and yogurt. The guy really didn't like the fruit yogurt one. He said, "This is not a milkshake. It's a smoothie!"

The takeaway: I would order the milkshake.

Act 6: Jamie got a bus. He got all the sugar in sugar milk and poured it in the bus because he wanted to show the parents how much calories their kids are getting. Lots and lots and lots of sugar.

The takeaway: Don't have sugar milk from L.A.

Overview: Jamie Oliver's trying to tell kids not to eat bad foods like cows and sugar milk and stuff like that. Why can't he go into the schools? Do you want kids to be healthy or not? Or are you just working to get money? That's what I think.

Did you watch the first episode of Food Revolution, Season 2? Did your kids watch? What was everyone's reaction?


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