Tina Fey Is an Overachieving Pregnant Mom: Where's the Punchline?

Tina Fey
Tina Fey
Hubba hubba, Tina Fey. Doesn't our favorite mama-to-be look smokin' hot in her fitted black dress and lovely heels? Tina Fey recently announced her second pregnancy, and she's five months along -- pictured here outside The Late Show With David Letterman.

Well, besides looking smoking hot, she's also wrapping up the latest season of 30 Rock -- on which she's a writer, producer, and star -- AND doing a national book tour for her new book, Bossypants.

Stop it, Tina.

We love you for admitting working motherhood is as hard as it actually is. What the hell are you trying to prove? And where's the punchline?


The sad thing is there is no frickin' punchline. This is Tina Fey's actual life, not one of her comedy sketches. Tina Fey has a successful career, which she appears to love. She has a marriage, a daughter, and a much-agonized-over second child on the way -- and that's no joke -- even if she's witty enough to make it one for us someday.

In my own selfish way, though, I keep hoping to see a pencil sticking out of Tina Fey's fly or her dress tucked into her giant maternity undies or something wonderfully Liz Lemon. Of course, that's my problem, not Tina's. It's totally hypocritical of me to be mad at an overachieving Tina Fey for creating a grueling schedule for her great-looking pregnant self WHILE simultaneously sulking that she's not stopping to make self-deprecating jokes about it. Jokes that would surely make me feel better about my own chaotic life and shortcomings as a working mom.

Have I come to count on Tina Fey too much as the perfectly attuned commentator on my own nutty life? Possibly so. But there are far too few female comedians who get it right like she does -- about womanhood and motherhood today. Roseanne is the first comedienne I could relate to (and still do!), and I'll forever watch Roseanne reruns over and over and LOL for days.

As for Tina, I'll try to be patient, as I think we can confidently expect that the insanity she is surely living right now will become fodder for more comedy to come. I'll be waiting. I can't wait to be able to laugh at my own life when Tina shows me how.

Do you relate to Tina Fey's commentary on womanhood and motherhood, as it comes through her comedy?


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