Victoria Beckham Picks a Truly Awful Baby Name?

David and Victoria BeckhamWhen Victoria Beckham announced her fourth child would be a girl, the world rejoiced ... or at least some of us did. The thought of the fashion icon with a little mini me is almost too exciting to handle. How will she dress her? Will they look alike? Will they diet together? And of, course, the big question: What name will she and Becks bestow upon the little princess?

The answer to the last question is scaring me, big time. I hate to bash other people's baby names -- it's their child, their name, and even the strangest seem to grow on us after awhile. Zuma is kinda cute now, no? But the name that the Beckhams have reportedly chosen is so awful, someone really needs to hold an intervention.

The name:


Santa. SANTA! Yes, as in Santa Claus, and ho! ho! oh no! British tabloid The Sun reported that she wanted a "traditional Spanish name," and that it was inspired by Santa Monica rather than the jolly old guy. A source told the paper:

Posh thinks Santa Beckham has a lovely ring to it and wants something unique. David prefers something traditional, but will probably go along with what she chooses.

Nooooooo! Can you imagine the jokes? Sure, she's got her famous parents going for her, but no child could endure the cruelty that name would bring about.

Fortunately, the report is from The Sun, which means the chances of it being based on reality are about as high as Charlie Sheen acting normal -- slim to none. Phew. The couple's rep also shot down the rumors, telling Vogue, "This is simply tabloid nonsense."

Let's hope so, but remember this is Hollywood, and stranger things have happened. No one would have believed Apple or Blanket either.

What's the worst baby name you have ever heard? What would you like to see Victoria Beckham name her daughter?

Image via friskytuna/Flickr

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