Stella McCartney Disses Public Schools, But Is Right!

Fashion designer Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul, took a lot of flak recently after her husband said that the public schools in her London neighborhood were not good enough for their children.

McCartney has said before that she worried private school would make her kids awful. But now her sons, Miller, 6, and Beckett, 3, and 4-year-old daughter Bailey all attend private schools. Her husband, publisher Alasdhair Willis, said state education in the area was "not good enough" for their children.

The headmaster of the local school is up in arms, of course, but the reality is, for many, public schools aren't the best option even on this side of the pond and there is nothing wrong with saying so.


It's too bad in this day and age that we're dealing with such a disparity in education. It's absolutely not fair that those who can pay for it should have a better education. But you don't want to be the parent who gives your child a bad education just because you hold some principles regarding public education.

Maybe it's GOOD that McCartney's husband said the schools aren't good enough for their children. Maybe it's the wake-up call the schools need.

This country isn't much different. We spend a fortune on defense in this country and only a very small portion on our children and their education. We all want the best for our children, and personally, I feel the best I can offer to my babies is a strong start in school. We may not have the money to put our babies through private school at the same time and we hope to be in a neighborhood where the public schools are awesome, but I wouldn't rule out the possibility of private school if it comes to that.

Until lawmakers prioritize education, those who can afford it will always send their kids to either private schools or they will move into the best neighborhoods with the best schools. It makes sense. We shouldn't be wasting our time criticizing them for doing so, but instead spend that time asking ourselves why we are not prioritizing ALL education higher.

Do you think Stella McCartney's husband said something wrong?


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