Brad & Angelina Adopting Again? Tattoo Says Maybe

Angelina JolieAs you may know, Angelina Jolie has a string of six tattoos on her arm -- each one represents the longitude and latitude of the places where her children were born. Now a seventh one has been added, and people are freaking out wondering if while over in Tunisia, she and Brad Pitt decided to add to their family and have adopted another child. Some are even suggesting she may be pregnant, though that would be a pretty big risk to ink a birth location before the baby is born.

The speculation about another adoption, however, isn't completely unwarranted, especially in light of the tattoo, as Jolie has made comments recently that she is "always open to children around the world." She did add that it wasn't what they "are focusing on at this time, by any means," but that, of course, means nothing in cagey Hollywood baby speak.

While a source told People, "all adoption speculation is false," why else would she add another tattoo?


Some say that it's a commitment to Brad and that it's the location of his birth place in Oklahoma. In Touch Weekly reports that a tattoo is a bigger deal to Angie than a wedding ring, so this is major for her. A source told the magazine, "She got the seventh line right around the time she and Brad moved the kids back to LA," which the magazine says means:

After dragging their kids around the world, Angelina, 35, has finally agreed to Brad’s long-standing request to settle down. But in return, she demanded a permanent commitment — the tattoo, which “signifies family unity.” In other words, Brad is part of Angelina’s family now — tied to her forever.

Interesting, though I'm kind of hoping there is another child on the way too. They already have six children, three of whom are adopted -- Maddox, 9, from Cambodia, Pax, 7, from Vietnam, and Zahara, 6, from Ethiopia -- plus their biological children: Shiloh, 4, and 2-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. They just look so happy together traveling around the world and saving humanity, why not add another child to the mix -- especially when there are so many in need?

Do you think the additional tattoo means another child is on the way for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt? Would you like to see them add to their family?

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