Frances Bean Cobain Dodges Limelight -- Can We Blame Her?

Frances Bean Cobain
Frances Bean Cobain
Imagine being born to two of rock's most influential musicians, one who took his life at the height of his success and the other who struggled with losing her husband to suicide and raising their daughter while doing some very high-profile ranting and battling an on-again/off-again drug addiction. That would be the life of Ms. Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and Hole's Courtney Love.

No wonder she prefers to lay low, huh?


Frances Bean Cobain probably had more drama in her life before the age of 2 than most of us have had in our lifetime. Her dad committed suicide when she was just 1 year and 8 months old, leaving her to be raised by her grieving emotional roller coaster of a mom and some other family members. Of course, the family drama didn't end there either. Several custody juggles followed when her mother wasn't capable of fulfilling her parental role, and in 2009, a temporary restraining order was filed to keep Courtney away from her daughter.

Given all this, it's really no wonder that Frances Bean, now 18 years old, has done very few interviews over the years. And more power to her! If her parents' lives and choices are any indication of life in the limelight, who wants it?

Last we heard about Frances, she had a low-key but provocative art opening in L.A. last summer. Her drawings in the solo show were described as "emotionally raw and intentionally nasty" although Frances herself said, "Most of my artwork is geared towards being humorous in some light."

Prior to that, we saw Frances in a photo spread for Harper's Bazaar, in which we saw a gorgeous grown-up Frances up close, showing off her beautiful union of Kurt/Courtney features. Wow, does she resemble both her parents! Here's to hoping she can make the most of the good traits her parents gave her -- cause there are some good ones to be heard of, if you just look beneath the fray.

Do you remember when Francis Bean Cobain was born? Can you believe she'll be 19 in August?


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