'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Addicted to Her Own Fame

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2Sometimes it's hard to feel bad for Jenelle Evans. The star of Teen Mom 2 has remained in the media for weeks, despite the MTV reality show's hiatus, thanks to a fight in her North Carolina hometown late last month. But she reminded us she's just a kid this week when she showed how much she revels in her "fame."

It's starting to look like the teenage "star" eats this stuff up as much as the millions of people who buy tabloids. She made that point by uploading a video to YouTube this week that features herself yelling at a TV broadcaster. In the video that she dubs "stupid news, and I don't agree," Evans keeps a videocamera focused on her TV screen, recording Inside Edition as it shares the story of her fight.


Strange enough if you're trying to get past a bad blip in your life ... to put it up on your own YouTube account, hence keeping it in the news. But that's not all. Jenelle waits for more than a minute of filming, showing Inside Edition showing HER fight, then bits from Teen Mom 2. She doesn't speak up at all until the TV broadcaster warns "reality stars can become addicted to bad behavior," bringing on psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere to talk about the problem with reality stars stepping up "the heat" on their behavior that Evans starts in. She screams "not true" and "no, not really" at the TV while Gardere talks.

That's not the way an adult responds. That's the way a kid responds. She reminds me of an elementary school kid throwing a fit because she wants attention ... and who cares if it's negative attention. Like a little kid, she can't differentiate between the two.

Uploaded on the same account where Jenelle once bounced around like a silly teenager to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" for a school project, it's painful to watch. Instead of growing up in the year and a half since that film editing project was uploaded, she's devolved, and I can't help but wonder if it's the "teen star" mentality. Here she is in December 2009:

Compare that to the sullen, bratty teenager who was arrested last month. The one who is so obsessed with her own fame she makes YouTube videos to scream about how the media is treating her.

Is this normal teenage behavior or is Jenelle a special case?

Image via YouTube

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