Pregnant Kate Hudson Drinks Wine. So What!

kate hudson pregnantKate Hudson, who's six months pregnant with Muse singer Matt Bellamy's child, is under fire after recently being spotted sipping a glass of red wine while out to dinner in Argentina this past weekend.

Now, to be completely honest, I'm not yet a mom, and I'm not currently pregnant. But having read up on the topic, I'm pretty sure I know where I stand on this heated debate: Team It's No Big Deal. When I do get pregnant, hopefully sometime in the not too distant future, I could definitely see myself having a small glass of wine here and there throughout the nine months. Of course I'm not talkin' the same bottle of red/bottle of white BYOB dinners my boyfriend and I currently indulge in every other weekend. Just the occasional, once in a blue moon glass.


But I understand that there are those who vehemently disagree. Who feel it's better to abstain completely than worry about causing any potential harm to the baby. And I totally get it. Out of factors moms-to-be can control that may influence the health of their baby, putting off that glass of wine for nine months could be something that's kind of a no-brainer ...

But I really feel like it's a matter of personal comfort and choice. Like Kate recently said on a BBC talk show, "People tell you so much (about being pregnant) it drives me nuts."

I'll bet! If everyone tries to tell me their opinion on what I can or can't do when I'm pregnant one day, I will also be annoyed. When it comes to many aspects of pregnancy and health, there don't always seem to be one-size-fits-all answers.

Sure, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists believes that abstaining is the best way to go. But in Europe, the conventional advice for women who want to drink during pregnancy is one or two servings once or twice a week. Even that seems like more than I personally would be comfortable with. But hey, their birth defect rates are actually lower than those here in America. What's more, recent research, involving a long-term study of over 11,000 children, found no evidence of harm from a couple drinks a week (!) during pregnancy.

Clearly, there's research to back up either stance a woman wants to take, and in the end, it's her body, her pregnancy, her health, her decision. That's why I really hope Kate Hudson isn't villainized for sipping that Malbec (or whatever it was) ... and someday, I won't be either.

Where do you personally stand in the "occasional drink while pregnant" debate?


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