Maria Aragon Gets Every Little Monster's Dream (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga Maria Aragon
Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon

Super-talented 10-year-old and true Little Monster Maria Aragon won over the Internet and became a YouTube sensation recently with her piano cover of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." The gazillion views she earned put her on the fast track to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Go, Maria!

But the excitement didn't end there for Maria. Next she found herself on stage with and singing beside Lady Gaga herself! How awesome is that?


In the middle of her concert in Toronto the other night, Gaga brought Maria on stage, put her on her lap, and they sang "Born This Way" together and played piano. And the funny thing is -- Maria seemed perfectly confident and right at home on stage, like a superstar in the making. Could this be her big break?

More than anything, I love seeing celebrities use their star status to inspire kids this way -- to lift kids up for being true to themselves and for working hard on their talents. You can bet Maria's parents never have to nag her to practice piano anymore!

WATCH Maria's piano cover of "Born This Way":

WATCH Maria perform "Born This Way" on stage WITH Lady Gaga:

WATCH the special birthday-themed performance Maria posted for Gaga yesterday, her 25th birthday:

How in love with this whole thing are you?


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