Pauly D Leaves 'Jersey Shore' to Teach Kids. WHAT?

Jersey Shore Flat StanleyWhen a teacher assigns her kids the classic Flat Stanley Project, she tells her charges to send their little drawings of a man named Stanley to the far reaches of the earth -- the farther, the better. The hope is that they end up in far-flung places, and kids can learn about geography through the lessons their Stanley host sounds back to the elementary school. But something tells me no teacher in the world was ever thinking "send Flat Stanley to Jersey Shore."

And yet, there he was this week, resting on Pauly D's old school Nike, showing off bling, and chilling on a DJ mixboard (with the Italian flag as a backdrop, natch). He was all over the Jersey Shore guido's Twitter yesterday living the high life. I could see teachers everywhere cringing.


Thinking of poor Stanley lying alone in a spray tanning booth somewhere made me cry for the elementary schoolers who were sitting, patiently waiting for news of what their little adventurer was doing on his travels. I could see nothing good coming of this. Lord knows what he'd have to say when he got back from the bar: "Snooks is totally sweet! She taught me to give my hair volume! And look at the slippers she drew on my feet!"

But it turns out we totally called it on The Stir a few months ago: Pauly D is a closeted nice guy. He dropped his busy GTL (gym, tan, laundry) schedule yesterday and was nice enough to take his young nephew's little paper man on an adventure, taking photos of the boy's Stanley all day. More to the point, they were actually pretty kid-appropriate pictures! Not a bottle of booze or a shirtless Situation in sight. Just the aforementioned DJ board, bling, and a shot of Stanley "stuntin" on a motorcycle.

In fact, I'm going to call it: Pauly D deserves a commendation for managing to make a TV-PG version of Flat Stanley visits Jersey Shore. Let's just hope this kid's teacher wasn't hoping to earn her kids a literacy lesson out of the deal too: Pauly D may be nice to little kids, but he could use a few grammar lessons before he hits a classroom.

Check out the pictures and tell us: did you think you'd see the day when Jersey Shore offered some real education?


Image via YFrog

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