'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans in Brutal Beat Down

Jenelle Evans Teen Mom 2Every time I watch Teen Mom 2, I'm asking the same question as the rest of America. When is Jenelle Evans ever going to grow up? If new video of her throwing the first punch in a fight with a girl named Britany Truett is any indication, the answer is not any time soon!

The "mom" (and I use that term lightly!) to little Jace was caught on video in a fight with another girl that shows one of her biggest problems: picking poor people to hang around with. From the pot smoking boyfriend Kieffer Delp who she hangs out with on the show to the enabling friends who tell her she shouldn't have to apologize to her mom for stealing her credit card, Jenelle has picked some doozies. But these girls take the cake.


Watching the video, you can see they literally push the 19-year-old INTO Truett, another teenager (according to Facebook, she's a 2010 high school graduate and current community college student) who she's clearly having a problem with. When Jenelle tries to back away, they push her back into the fray. And as Jenelle and Truett tussle, her "friends" scream, "Get her."

What kind of friends encourage you to engage in activities that will likely get you arrested? Remember, Jenelle is 19. She obviously threw the first punch in this video. I'm not a cop, but that should be grounds for an assault charge at the very least. And at 19, she'd be charged as an adult.

She's already in trouble with the law, arrested in October and charged with breaking and entering, possession of marijuana, and possession of paraphernalia. Adding more charges will only make things worse for her. And her so-called friends should known that. They should have thrown themselves in there to break things up, not egged the two girls on.

With a camera at the ready, and the way they instigated, it makes you wonder if someone wasn't setting her up. They seem like they were hoping to catch images of her doing something wrong to sell. Which would be typical for the cast of characters Jenelle has surrounded herself with.

Yes, Jenelle's the person to blame for all that has gone on in her life -- this fight included. But she's not going to improve until she shapes up ... and starts spending time with people who don't enable her. She's never going to be a "real mom" acting like a little kid.

UPDATE: HollyBaby is now reporting that the D.A. and sheriff's department are investigating the incident.

Do you see Jenelle growing up any time soon?


Image via MTV

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