Selma Blair Is the Best Kind of Pregnant Woman

Selma BlairThere are pregnant women who make you smile and wistfully think about the joys of motherhood. Then there are those whose swollen toes you would like to stomp on because they're so freaking annoying. Fortunately, Selma Blair is in the first camp.

First up, she eats like a pregnant woman should. Many of Hollywood's knocked-up set will profess that all pregnancy has done has made them crave organic tofu and lima beans. Gag! Not the food, but that whole holier-than-thou facade behind which they probably down gallons of ice cream and bags of Fritos (and if they don't, that might be even more annoying). Blair keeps it real and admits she can't get enough of one particularly delicious food: Pancakes. She recently told Access Hollywood:

I eat pancakes all day.  I don’t eat gluten, so I eat gluten-free pancakes. It’s a little better, but not much!


Yum, pancakes. So much more legit than someone like Alyssa Milano who only cops to craving broccoli. Broccoli? Blair also says some healthy stuff like grapefruit has been calling her name, so why not pile on the pancakes too. Let the rest of us non-pregnant people live vicariously through you.

Then there's her pregnant wardrobe that just rocks. Recently she was seen sporting skin-tight leather leggings. And not for some hot night out on the town either, rather just for lunch. Why not? She also was recently spotted wearing a dress without a bra (gasp!). She's smart to do it now, because if she's going to breastfeed, these are likely her final days for rockin' that look.

Finally, she has a great sense of humor about it all. While she and father-to-be Jason Black know the baby's sex, they're not telling. And they haven't made the same mistake that other couples have made by over-sharing every little detail they have planned out for their child's future through college:

It’s due this summer. I’m not going to say what [the sex] is yet. Hopefully it’s one or the other. Who knows these days!

I can't wait until we all know.

What were your pregnancy cravings?

Image via LGEPR/Flickr

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