Alyssa Milano Is Doing the Smartest Baby Naming Thing

alyssa milanoWho's the boss of pregnant celebs right now? That's not really a fair question as all pregnant women are champions, but my vote goes to Alyssa Milano. Due this fall, she's making her way through these 40 weeks with style, with humor, with aplomb (I love that word!). Dare I make another bad riff on a TV show she's been in by saying she's "charmed" her way into my book as a really cool mama-to-be, a mama I'd like to hang with at the playground, have over for graham crackers and juice.

Alyssa Milano recently told People that she and hubby David Bugliari have narrowed down the list for baby names -- but they are not going to name him (yup, it's a boy) 'til he's out in the world and they see him.

What a smart move!


Just like Alyssa mentioned, you hear of stories of parents who decide way in advance on a name like, say, Aiden. Then the baby pops out, and he just doesn't seem like an Aiden. Maybe he's more of a Will or a Jack. But at that point, you've had it in your mind he's Aiden, you've always thought of him as an Aiden, heck, you have A-I-D-E-N on the wall in his nursery. At that point, it's really tough to switch it up.

Coming up with a name for your baby is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. I could handle the morning sickness, I could deal with swollen ankles, but trying to figure out what to name this person growing inside of me was beyond difficult. Coming up with a name both my husband and I liked? Near impossible.

We managed to narrow it down to two. They were very different names -- each one gave off a certain energy. So we decided to wait until she was born to see which one "fit" her better. When she entered the world, there was no question which name was right for her. I've heard of many women doing this. A friend of mine was having twin boys, and they set up a huge white dry erase board in her hospital room, with various possibilities of names (first and middle) to refer to once the boys arrived. They got the vibe from each bambino and then named them.

So, Alyssa's been asking for name advice and says they have three names, admitting they are "slightly Italian" to match her husband's last name. Sounds like she's a pro at this baby thing already -- that's one lucky little guy!

Did you wait to name your baby until after he/she was born?


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