'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Shows Off Beach Bod, Where's Jace?

It may be official. Jenelle Evans may be the worst mom in Teen Mom history. Recent photos of her strutting her stuff on the beach have surfaced. Predictably, she looks great and why not? She has as much time as any superstar to tone those abs. For Jenelle, the drama never seems to end.

First she and her boyfriend Kieffer were arrested for marijuana possession and breaking and entering back in January, this was after she had filed charges against him for assault. Now he is in court facing those charges. Here's an idea Jenelle: How about you just be a mom instead of worrying about your clearly terrible boyfriend?

The story is really heartbreaking. Jenelle became pregnant at 16 with boyfriend Andrew Lewis who was in jail and has since fathered a second child with a girl he is supposedly still seeing. On the show, he has no interaction with Jace. So is it her mother's fault?


It is hard to imagine what it is like to be the mother of an older child who has gone so far astray. Do you blame yourself? It seems like Barbara, Jenelle's mom has a second chance with Jace, but she far, she does not seem to be taking it. The situation is not good.

Sometimes in watching the show, I wonder if Jace may have been better off if she'd chosen adoption for him. It is a terrible question that it is not my place to answer, but seeing how that poor boy is growing up, amidst the screaming and the anger and his mother's toxic behavior, constant absence and clear preference for idiot men over all else, it does make you wonder.

We can't spend our whole lives blaming our parents for our mistakes, but there is an opportunity here for Jenelle's mom to right the mistakes she clearly made with her own child and raise this baby right, but until Jenelle gets her priorities straight, she should not be around Jace. It is just too sad for everyone involved.

In the end, neither his mother nor his father chose baby Jace. He is going to know that when he grows up and that fact is unbelievably sad. I hope his grandmother's love can help make up for that. But I am not holding my breath.

Do you think Jenelle's problems are her mother's fault?


Image via MTV

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