Alyssa Milano Seeks Baby Names -- Can You Help Her?

Alyssa Milano pregnant
Alyssa Milano
Adorably pregnant Alyssa Milano revealed the gender of her baby bundle earlier this week. Well, let me back up ... she first tweeted a teaser about the news and then had fans head to her website for the actual reveal.

Earlier in the day, an excited Milano tweeted:

Because I'm the worst with secrets - David & I will announce the gender of our baby tonight at 6pm PST on my website.

And here's the really fun part -- I'll get to the gender in just a second -- she's asking for baby name ideas from you!


On her website, Alyssa later shared the baby's gender:

David and I are elated to announce that we are having a baby boy.

We can’t wait to meet him.

Boys names, anyone? Leave me suggestions in the comments!

Wow, so you could have a hand in naming Alyssa Milano's baby! How cool would that be?

Alyssa does say they'll hold off on a final naming decision until they meet their son, so they can make sure the name fits. Oh, and here's a hint to get you headed in the right direction with your boy name ideas -- Alyssa does want a name that's "slightly Italian" so it goes with her husband David's last name of Bugliari.

Head on over and leave Alyssa your name ideas and share them here too, so we can enjoy pondering your ideas for Baby Bugliari as well.


Image via Larry Busacca/Getty

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