'Sister Wives' Are More Like Regular Parents Than They Want to Admit

Sister WivesI'm starting to think the Sister Wives are just looking for ways to separate themselves from American parents. The TLC show is back on the air, and it's getting more confusing by the minute. First was the big "reveal" that they were a polygamist family ... even though that's the, um, whole POINT of the show? Now they're all atwitter because they're going to actually do what half the moms in America do every school year.

The Sister Wives are going to list one another as the emergency contact on one another's biological kids' school contact forms. OMG. For reals? Have they met the rest of the parents in America?


When Christine made a horrendous deal out of her kids' emergency contact paper on the latest episode, all I could do was roll my eyes:

So, at the school, you have to fill out the emergency contact information ... I have always put Meri and Janelle on my kids' contact forms, but under relationship, I've left it blank.

What does she think the rest of us do? On a list that calls for more than one emergency contact, we run out of legal spouses too! I put my kid brother! Or my Mom. Or my Dad.

Oh, right, but we're not polygamists, we don't have to list the word "mom." Well what about all those lesbian moms I know, or the gay dads? They're putting down a second mom or dad, but it sure as heck ain't legal (not that we're not trying -- come ON America!). The same goes for families who are polyamorous (not to be confused with polygamy -- this one's legal, folks).

I actually understand what she's getting at. She thinks it's another layer of complication for families who practice polygamy. But for a family trying to make a big deal out of how their choices don't make them that different from the rest of us, they spend an awful lot of time trying to find places to call out the rest of us for being too judgmental.

The fact is -- the school nurse doesn't really care WHO comes to pick up your child when she's filled every bucket in the infirmary with her vomit. As long as you've signed off that this is a responsible adult, and your kid actually takes that flu bug with them, that's what matters.

Do you watch Sister Wives? Do you identify with anything in their lives or is it all foreign to you?

Image via TLC

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