Charlie Sheen Misses His Kids' Birthday Parties: Losing!

Charlie SheenWhile news that Charlie Sheen's twins were removed from his custody last week was more than welcome, the fact that he missed his children's birthday parties this weekend is devastating. Three of his children -- twins Max and Bob, 2, and daughter Sam, 7 -- all celebrated another year of life without their father there to even share a bite of cake.

Mom Brooke Mueller threw a big backyard party with the help of friend Kathy Hilton. Among the guests at the shindig were Nicky Hilton, David Katzenberg, and Adrienne Maloof of The Real Housewives of Orange County. By all accounts, it was a lovely affair.

"Max and Bob were in heaven running around and sliding down the slide of the bounce house," a source told Us. "They got a ton of presents including tee-ball sets and race cars."


It's good to hear they're happy and enjoying some normal childhood pleasures amidst such insanity in their lives, but the fact that Sheen was nowhere to be seen is a harsh reminder of just how unentertaining his behavior is and how much he and his children are losing. That he announced his tour the same weekend as their parties and continues to Tweet along merrily (including the above picture with one of his goddesses) is beyond heartbreaking and outrageous. How can anyone do that?

Sheen is clearly in no shape to be attending birthday parties for his children or anyone else, so really it's for the best that he didn't attend. There's also that little matter of the restraining order that would have been a problem. But the fact that he let himself get to such a state that he shouldn't be there is the saddest and most appalling part of his whole messed up story.

Whether it's an act for Sheen or a serious sickness, his children are the innocent victims. I wonder how much he's going to regret missing out on these memories down the line, when #winning is long forgotten, because they're ones you can never get back once you've lost them. I hope he gets to a point where he's able to regret it ... though that happening anytime soon seems unlikely.

Sheen told Us that one day he'll explain his actions to his children:

I will never lie to my children. They'll understand it through my eyes.

Let's hope not.

Can you imagine ever missing one of your children's birthdays?

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