Pregnant Jewel Says Cadillac SRX Saved Her Life

Jewel CadillacJewel was in a frightening car accident on Friday -- her car was struck by a fire truck rushing to the scene of a grass fire. Reminder: Jewel is pregnant! But the 36-year-old mom-to-be is okay and is convinced that there's nothing better for her family than a Cadillac. The singer gave full credit to her Cadillac SRX SUV for saving her life and that of her unborn child. She tweeted:

1 thing I do know is my car saved my & baby's life-definitely going 2 get another Cadillac SRX! It absorbed all the damage & kept me safe!

There's nothing scarier than being in an accident. But can you even imagine being in Jewel's shoes and getting into an accident while pregnant with something as huge and dominating as fire truck!?


Jewel tweeted again this morning saying that she is sore and a bit banged up, but feels blessed and thankful to be walking around.

There's no doubt in my mind that the car that Jewel was in definitely played a part in her safety. The Cadillac SRX, a crossover SUV, has driver and passenger air bags, and comes standard with OnStar. With the OnStar technology, responders are always available and can use GPS to find you at the location of any accident, and also contact any immediate family members when you are unable.

Obviously no woman can stop going about her day-to-day when she has a baby on the way. And while Jewel could not have predicted the accident, buying that SUV was a smart step for her safety, and now she's fortunate enough to sing Cadillac's praises. 

Have you ever been concerned about driving while being pregnant?

Image via SplashNews

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