Former Porn Star Tericka Dye Belongs in the Classroom

science classParents of America, let me let you in on a little secret. Your teenagers have heard of pornography. So can we please leave Ms. Tericka Dye alone in a high school classroom from here on out?

The high school science teacher just lost her second job in a row because parents found out she starred in a few porn flicks back in the mid-'90s under the name Rikki Andersin. She's moved on since then, gotten the appropriate education to become an educator, and even used different names -- Tera Myers, Tera Dye -- to distance herself from her past. But five years ago, administrators in Paducah, Kentucky suspended her when they found out about her past, eventually determining she'd be a "distraction" to her students.

Really? Because you'll never guess how the administrators at her latest school in St. Louis found out she was a porn star.


A student brought it up. Yes, a student. Which proves that kids, ahem, know about porn. After four years at the Parkway North school, going by Tera Myers, teaching science and coaching volleyball, she kept her trap shut. But a kid watching porn figured it out. 

And if parents are honest with themselves, their problem isn't that their kid's teacher was in porn. It's that their kids figured it out. Because, let's say it again, kids know about porn! In fact, in a survey in 2007, 42 percent of teenagers copped to viewing pornographic materials online. That's nearly half the teens in America doing something they shouldn't.

On the other hand, Ms. Myers, Dye, Andersin, whatever she goes by these days, never did anything icky (or illegal) like sharing the porn with her students. In fact, she's never done anything illegal, period, because porn films made by two consenting adults are a legitimate business -- whether you view them or not is up to you. They don't show up on her educational background checks because, again, they're legal.

It seems like the only mistake Dye/Myers has made is resigning from Parkway North High School in the wake of the so-called scandal. Because as long as she continues to act like she's doing something shameful, people will continue to treat her that way.

And as long as parents are more terrified that their kids might be checking out a little porn than worried about how they'll pass science with a long-term substitute, Americans' priorities are way off.

What do you think -- should Dye/Myers stay or go?


Image via Horia Varlan/Flickr

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